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AYSO Diablo Valley

2021-2022 COACHES

2003 Girls Diamond
Head Coach: Denis McCarthy

2005 Girls Diamond
Head Coach: Andy Orbell
Assistant Coach: Kevin Alderman

2006 Girls Diamond
Head Coach: Rachel Becker
Assistant Coach; Jim McAffrey

2006/2007 Girls Sapphire
Head Coach: Brandan Ricks
Assistant Coach: Matt Rinn
Assistant Coach: Mike Morrissey

2007 Girls Diamond
Head Coach: Beverly Christie
Assistant Coach: John O'Brien
Assistant Coach: Joyce Warren

2008 Girls Diamond
Head Coach: Mike Colon
Assistant Coach: Robyn Sekel

2009 Girls Diamond
Head Coach: Keith Barnaba
Assistant Coach: Scott Schulze
Assistant Coach: Matt Todd

2009 Girls Sapphire
Head Coach: Emily Marshall
Assistant Coach: Sarah Becker

2010 Girls Diamond
Head Coach: Denis McCarthy
Assistant Coach: Keith McNeil

2010 Girls Sapphire
Head Coach: Colin Osbourne
Assistant Coach: Aodghan Osbourne

2011 Girls Diamond
Head Coach: Andy Orbell
Assistant Coach: Jessica Lescano

2012 Girls Diamond
Head Coach: Keith Barnaba
Assistant Coach: Rene Guerrero

2012 Girls Sapphire
Interim Head Coach: Denis McCarthy
Interim Assistant Coach: Rachel Becker

2013 Girls Diamond
Head Coach: Amber McCaffrey

2013 Girls Sapphire
Head Coach: Jim McCaffrey

2003 Boys Diamond
Head Coach: TBD
Assistant Coach: TBD

2005 Boys Diamond
Head Coach: Ron Polasek
Assistant Coach: Joe Harn

2005 Boys Sapphire
Head Coach: Jeff McClure
Assistant Coach: Derek Westphal

2007 Boys Diamond
Head Coach: 
Assistant Coach: Shawn Bitter

2007 Boys Sapphire
Head Coach: Eric Heng
Assistant Coach: Matt Tennant

2008 Boys Diamond
Head Coach: Brian Gagnon
Assistant Coach: Kevin Mottram

2008 Boys Sapphire
Head Coach: Mauricio Duran
Assistant Coach: Jeff Guillen

2009 Boys Diamond
Head Coach: Mike Hurd

2009 Boys Sapphire
Head Coach: Collen Sibanda
Assistant Coach: Josh Hupp

2010 Boys Diamond
Head Coach: Branden Seeberger
Assistant Coach: Dante Morabe

2010 Boys Sapphire
Head Coach: Damian Scott

2011 Boys Diamond
Head Coach: Nancy Gerber
Assistant Coach: Justin LeClaire

2012 Boys Diamond
Head Coach: Richard Sielman
Assistant Coach: Albert Tsang

2013 Boys Diamond
Head Coach: Damian Scott
Assistant Coach: Jason Whitehead

2013 Boys Sapphire
Head Coach: Dave Killeen


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